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Broken Implants

Broken Implants Restoration

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The prospect of a broken tooth implant is a major concern to most patients.

Tooth implants occasionally require servicing. Some of the issues that require attention centres around broken implants or fractured implants. It is possible to have a fractured implant but rarely would a titanium tooth implant break at the implant body.

More often the retention screw of the crown becomes loosened or broken from either metal fatigue or work loosening of the screw. In most cases early attention may be simple and may avert a costly and uncomfortable repair process.

If your tooth implant feels loose you should have your dentist examine the area immediately. Inattention to a loose tooth implant may result in soft tissue infection and subsequent bone loss around the tooth implant. It may also result in screw breakage, fractured implants and damage to the tooth implant body.

Tooth implant restorations provide less feeling to the recipient because they are not like the natural tooth. A natural tooth is suspended in the jawbone by a periodontal ligament whereas a tooth implant does not have a peri-implant ligament.

Crowns fitting over the dental tooth implants often have varying amounts of porcelain or ceramic. The decrease in ‘feeling’ allows the tooth implant restoration to hit harder during function.

Therefore, there is an increase in crown material fractures with dental tooth implants.

Gum infection due to a fractured implant or broken implant should be attended to as soon as it is identified. We have at our disposal, many different techniques to address these issues.

One of the more recent successful protocols involves the use of a laser device to treat gum infection eliminating the cutting and sewing of the gums.

Patients report very little to no pain when treated. Please contact us if you think you are concerned about a broken or fractured dental tooth implant.

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