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Sugars in the foods and drinks we consume provide a boost to certain bacteria in our mouths and create acidic conditions. Over time, these acidic conditions cause tooth decay. Minor tooth decay requires a dental filling in order to restore strength to the tooth and prevent further damage.

To fill your tooth, your dentist will first apply a local anesthetic, and then he will remove the decay. Then he will apply a filling material to prevent further decay, and to prevent the sensitive inner layers of the tooth from cold, heat or pressure. The filling material is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. The final layers are shaped and polished to restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

Composite (plastic resin) is the filling material used in most cases. Composite is widely considered to be superior to the silver amalgam fillings commonly used in the past. Silver amalgam fillings contain small amounts of mercury, while composite fillings are completely free of mercury.

Composite fillings are also less likely to result in sensitivity to heat or cold since the material does not expand or contract as much as silver amalgam. And since the composite material closely matches the colour of the tooth, fillings are nearly invisible.

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How long do dental fillings last?
Dental fillings, called restorations in clinical terms, usually last for a decade or so, and a lot of these can last even longer.
What are the best tooth fillings?
Composite fillings are very desirable fillings as compared to silver amalgam fillings. Although they cost more, composite fillings are more durable and can match the natural color of your teeth. Another type of filling is the ceramic filling made of porcelain, which also looks pleasing and lasts for a long time.
Do fillings hurt?
The tooth filling procedure is painless. Teeth are numbed but some sensitivity afterwards is expected.
Can I have a filling without an injection?
Yes. In rare cases fillings can be done with no freezing but in general you need to be numb. There are new techniques like laser dentistry that could be used without drilling and pain.
How long will the sensitivity last?
After the procedure, the treated area may be sensitive for two to four weeks. If it lasts any longer than that, inform your dentist.
How soon after a filling can I eat?
The filling hardens as soon as your dentist puts UV light on the treated area. Chewing food on the site where the filling had been placed is allowed by your dentist right away as soon as the freezing fades away.
Do you get injections for fillings?
The dentist will make sure you are void of any pain or discomfort during the procedure by numbing your tooth and the area around it. The dentist may opt to use a topical gel or local anesthetic via an injection and if you are anxious, give you nitrous oxide gas — commonly known as the “laughing gas” — to make you comfortable.
Can I brush my teeth after filling?
Yes. You can resume brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day after getting dental fillings.
Will my dental plan cover the cost of composite fillings?
More often than not, dental membership plans cover the composite fillings’ cost to the silver components. The patient usually would need to take care of the remaining charges. You must ask about your treatment option fees, as it varies depending on the option you chose and your coverage.
What are fillings made from?
Dental fillings can be composed of different materials. However, the most common types are amalgam silver and tooth-colored composites. At Smile Dental, we offer only tooth coloured fillings.

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