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Smile Makeovers

Look good, feel good, lasts a long time!

Learn more about our smile makeovers services and how they can benefit you.

All of us could use a change once in a while. Our Smile Dental Implant Center team can help you transform your smile into something you are excited to show off!

There are several benefits that come with having a new and improved smile including an added sense of confidence and beauty. This means no more hiding your smile from the world. What is involved in a smile makeover and how can you easily achieve a new look? Continue reading to learn more about the cosmetic dental services our office eagerly offers.

A smile makeover consisting of various methods and procedures has become a well-known option for cosmetic dental transformations. Its main goal is to improve your smile’s appearance aesthetically, although it can still restore the healthy condition of your mouth, such as repairing damaged teeth.

During the first consultation with your dentist, they will determine your current dental condition and suggest treatment options based on their findings and what you want to achieve. Examples of treatments: dental veneers, gum reshaping or tooth contouring.

You will be informed regarding the procedure, and what to expect, you can also raise any questions or concerns that you may have. The next step is for us to organize and design the treatment plan for you.

These treatment plans help to fix a wide range of dental issues such as yellow, broken, crooked, chipped, or missing teeth. It can also be personalized to fit your specific needs and wants.

It’s never too late to improve the appearance of your smile — even if you missed the chance to do so in your younger years.

Your smile should reflect you! We consider the shape of your face, the look in your eyes, skin tone, and personality to design the perfect smile just for you. Our team will help to create a smile that brings out you!

Are you ready to have a bright and healthy smile? Now is the time to contact Smile Dental Implant Center for more information.

Which procedures are most commonly included?
A smile makeover can consist of a variety of cosmetic procedures combined. This includes porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and gum contouring. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or regular braces may also be incorporated into the treatment plan.
How much does a smile makeover cost?
The cost of a smile makeover is indefinite since it will depend on each patient’s treatment plan. Generally, the more procedures your smile makeover requires and depending on the treatment’s complexity, the more expensive it will be. Some other factors may also affect the price, such as how experienced your dental specialist is, your location, and many others.
how do the procedures in smile makeover be prioritized?
The order in which the procedures involved in your smile makeover are prioritized is up to you and your dentist. Your dentist will work with you to determine which components of your smile matter most to you as well as the duration of each treatment involved in your makeover. This, in combination with several other factors such as your schedule and the potential recovery period involved in each procedure will ultimately determine the order in which to perform the treatments involved in your smile makeover.
Is smile makeover ideal for teenagers?
Yes, the cosmetic procedures are ideal for teenagers — make sure to discuss with your dental specialist which treatments best suits you.
How long does it take to complete a smile makeover?
The time to complete a smile makeover depends on the treatment plan designed for each patient. Some may need to visit twice if they have several cosmetic procedures, but some may take longer, especially if it involves dental implants or other jawbone-related cosmetic procedures.
Are smile makeovers painful?
Cosmetic procedures commonly involve only a little pain, if none at all. However, patients reported having a slightly elevated pressure during dental crown or porcelain veneer procedures. Rest assured that should you feel uncomfortable about getting your procedure, you can always opt for sedation.
Will my teeth need to be shaved down into tiny points?
Yes, we will do a custom wax-up of your new smile before starting your treatment for cases with veneers or a number of crowns on the front teeth. Contrary to popular belief, porcelain veneers only require a small reduction in tooth structure because they are so thin. We may not even need to remove any tooth structure at all.
Will my insurance cover cosmetic dental care?
Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses for cosmetic treatment vary. Our team will work with you to provide several different treatment options, and we will coordinate with your insurance provider, if coverage is available. You will know all of your treatment costs up-front so that you can choose the best payment plan for your needs and your budget.
How do you smile with less gum?
To make your smile appear less gummy, getting veneers or dental crowns are ideal dental treatments. These treatments make your teeth look longer, and your gums appear less, balancing out your smile.
Is there an age limit for these procedures?
Cosmetic dental treatments are generally viable for people of all ages, so long as you have adequate oral health and the treatments are safe for you.

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