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Showcasing Exceptional Smile Transformations

Real Life Dental Cases

Our team of experienced and dedicated dental professionals is proud to share these real-life examples of our passion for creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

Replaced Broken Front Tooth

We effectively replaced the patient's broken front tooth with a high-quality dental implant resulting in a seamless and natural-looking appearance. This treatment enhanced the patient's smile aesthetics, overall oral health and functionality.

Single Molar Dental Implant

This advanced implant technique delivers increased root coverage and gum thickness, ensuring long-lasting stability and a natural appearance, ultimately resulting in a seamless integration with the patient's existing dentition.

Improving profile with implant supported lower dentures

We effectively enhanced the patient's profile by utilizing implant-supported lower dentures, which provided superior stability and functionality. This innovative approach led to a boost in his overall facial aesthetics and confidence.

Facial Structure Reconstruction

Dental implants allow reconstruction with stable, comfortable replacement teeth and virtually stop future bone loss, maintaining the integrity of facial structures and a natural appearance.

Full Mouth Restoration

This patient presented with multiple areas of decay and broken down teeth. A comprehensive restorative treatment plan involved the use of dental implants in combination with crowns to achieve a stable long-term result.

Single Implant Supported Tooth

Single crown supported by dental implant provides a natural appearance and feel. The tooth can be flossed and cleaned like a natural tooth. This prevents the need to cut down two adjacent teeth for conventional bridge.

Congenitally Missing Laterals

This case has been treated by an orthodontist to replace the space for the missing lateral incisors. Both teeth are replaced with individual implant supported crowns, providing a natural aesthetic result and ease of long-term maintenance.

Severely Broken Down Teeth

This young lady was complaining that her teeth were preventing her from procuring employment. We restored her smile with a combination of implants and crowns so she can smile with confidence and she is now happily employed.