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Orthodontics has become extremely popular among grown-ups and braces are no longer just for kids and teens. Considering a misaligned bite can cause headaches and jaw strain, make chewing more difficult, lead to a decline in oral hygiene and interfere with speech, orthodontic treatment can be the key to not only enhancing your appearance, but improving your overall health too!

Severe bite problems usually in one way or another involved underlying skeletal discrepancy. Overbite is typically a problem of retrognathic mandible also known as under-development of the lower jaw. Underbite is most frequently associated with a retrognathic maxilla (under-development of upper jaw) or sometimes a combination of retrognathic maxilla and prognathic mandible (over-growth of the lower jaw). Open bite can result from abnormal oral habits as well as excessive growth of the jaw structure in the vertical dimension.

Traditionally, severe bite problem with an underlying skeletal component usually require a combination of orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery). Jaw surgery will help reposition the jaw structure in a more ideal position hence improve the bite and sometimes improve the facial profile.

Surgical treatment has some inherent risks. The most common side effect is temporary paresthesia (abnormal sensation to the skin including tingling, pricking and numbness). In rare case paresthesia could be permanent.

Many people are unwilling to go under surgery due to the invasiveness and/or added financial burden. Our orthodontists have developed techniques to help solve complex bite problem without involve orthognathic surgery and often no extraction required.

Also, if you’d like to keep your orthodontic treatment a secret, Smile Dental Implant Center offers clear braces and Invisalign, all of which adults tend to be great candidates for.

Whether you decide to go super discreet or want to rock those metal braces proudly, we are here for you. Our orthodontists will create a customized treatment plan to put you on the path to a gorgeous grin.

Does invisalign treatment hurt?
Most patients will feel temporary discomfort for a few days after putting in a new set of aligners. The pressure and ache is mild and it’s a good sign. It means your teeth are shifting and soon you can reveal your new smile.
Will people be able to tell I’m wearing invisalign?
One of the best things about Invisalign is it’s virtually invisible. So unless someone gets very close to your mouth, no one will be able to tell your straightening your teeth.
How often do I need to wear my aligners?
For maximum results, you need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. So basically, you’ll have them in all of the time except when you remove them to eat and brush and floss.
Am I a candidate for invisalign?
While Invisalign can correct underbites, crossbites, spacing, crowding and overjet teeth, it depends on your specific case. Invisalign may not work for every patient so you’ll want to have a complimentary consultation to see if you’re a good candidate.
Will the aligners affect my speech?
Most patients experience no effect on their speech. But it takes a few days to get used to having something in your mouth so there’s a possibility you’ll notice a difference in your speech for a day or two. Once you adjust, your speech will go back to normal.
What happens if I delay my orthodontic treatment?
The mouth is a dynamic environment and is constantly changing. Misaligned teeth continue to worsen as time progresses and crowded teeth become more congested while spacing increases. By delaying treatment, you’ll add time and costs to your treatment when you eventually go through with it.
What is the best age to see an orthodontist?
Both Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children first visit an orthodontist by the age of 7. This is the time when kids start losing baby teeth. There are many things that can be going on in early stages of development and complex treatment can be avoided if you catch the problem before it happens! Orthodontic treatment is not limited to children and teens. 20% of orthodontic patients are over the age of 21; adult orthodontics is the fastest growing part of our practice. Whether you’re considering treatment for yourself or for a child, any time is a good time to visit the orthodontist.
What happens during my orthodontic consultation visit?
First impressions matter and we take this seriously. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. Then, our team will examine your teeth. We’ll take photos and create a treatment plan that takes into account different variables, including the diagnosis, lifestyle, budget, etc. From there, our team will discuss all of your options, answer your questions and outline the next steps.
What happens when I get my braces on?
This is the start of something very exciting! We begin the whole process, which takes on average an hour and a half, by polishing your teeth. We use a special solution to gently roughen the surface of the teeth to ensure the glue sticks properly. After applying the adhesive and placing the brackets in their specific positions, we insert the wire and then show you how your new braces look. We snap a few pictures and give you instructions on how to take care of your braces including how to brush, what to eat and what to expect throughout your treatment. We understand it’s a new experience, so don’t be surprised when you get a call from us later to see how things are going.
What happens when I get my braces off?
This is a momentous occasion and after we high-five you on your achievement, we get to work on removing your braces. We have special instruments to painlessly remove the brackets and don’t worry, it’s a cinch! From there, we polish and clean your teeth so you can enjoy your dazzling new smile.

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